Hello, I am Kayla.

I'm a mother of 2 wonderful children, Jordan (7) & Jeslyn (2), and I have to say, there's no better adventure in the world than motherhood and the chaos that comes along with it. My better half, Travis, loves and encourages me every step of the way- I couldn't do any of this without him!

I've been all over the map when it comes to "what I want to do when I grow up", and I've finally decided to dive headfirst into making a career out of something I love to do - sounds magical, right? I've been taking photos professionally for going on seven years, and I'm constantly learning, growing, and enjoying every minute of it. Waking up and loving what you do is a key point in being truly happy - if that means in a relationship, a career, putting an embarrassing amount of sugar in your coffee, or a glass of wine before 5 o'clock, make it happen!

I'm a photographer of ALL things from weddings, to maternity, engagement, and anything else you could dream up, but photographing kids is my jam!

"When life gets blurry, adjust your focus."